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Umbrella Groups
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An umbrella, sometimes called a federation or association, is an organization that represents groups of nonprofit charities in the SECC Statewide campaign. Some umbrellas bring together charities with common missions, such as health care or environmental conservation. Others are associations of nonprofits with wide-ranging interests.

To participate in this campaign, a charity must belong to an umbrella organization, and both the charity and the umbrella must meet the campaign eligibility requirements set by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

Ten umbrella organizations participate in the SECC Statewide campaign:

Local/Statewide Charities

National/International Charities

These umbrella organizations represent the charities listed in their sections of your SECC Statewide booklet and on the online pledging tool. They help guarantee their charities' compliance with the campaign's eligibility requirements. They also provide critical support to the volunteers who conduct the campaign.

Like their charities, umbrellas themselves are nonprofit organizations. Many have specific missions and provide services of their own in addition to supporting their members.

If available, a link to the Web site of each participating umbrella organization is provided above, in the SECC Statewide booklet and on the online pledging site. However, be aware that not all charities listed on an umbrella's Web site are necessarily participants in this year's SECC Statewide campaign.


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